Nicholas R. Wimmer


In an effort to create a digital back-up of my own musings as well as begin a list of books that I have enjoyed reading, I created this page. Currently, I’m working on a few different projects (some theoretically), that I try to hack away at between the tides.

Born Wild, Made Free: Our Father’s Stories of Survival (excerpt)

This is a working title for a collection of oral traditions captured by me and my good friend Matt Harper. Our Dads are story tellers (as are we) and have left us a rich heritage of story-telling that we hope to share in a memoir or book some day. We’re currently making efforts to coerce our Dads down memory lane to give us the details of their childhood shenanigans, meetings with death, trials and triumphs.

Virginia Darrington and The Legend of the White Doe (excerpt)

This is the first of a four book series I have been working on for the past 5 years. This is historical fiction (or rather fiction shaped by historical events) about a young girl in modern day America who moves from California to The Outer Banks of North Carolina where she learns of the mysterious disappearance of The Lost Colony- America’s first known planters. What she discovers is that she and her family are direct descendants of the missing colonist, sending Virginia and her friends on a compelling journey to uncover the truth of America’s not so distant past. Espionage, intrigue, native Indian tribes and the strange disappearance of Virginia’s father lay the groundwork for adventure.  Additional books include: Journey to the Skeleton Coast,  The Golden City of Chaunis Temoatan, and In the Belly of the Beast.

Deep in the Valley

This is a play a wrote several years ago for a high-school drama class I was teaching with my sister Jessie. It was never performed.

Corban’s Dream

A screenplay about a mentally handicapped adult named Corban living independently in Boston proper. His child-like fascination with firetrucks, doughnut shops, nickels and aquariums create a fun and imaginative landscape that are a refreshing escape from our “normal” perspective. But everything changes when his social worker and “best friend” Adam announce that he is leaving Boston to get married and move to North Carolina. This sends Corban into a tail-spin that puts him into an assisted program and creates a hard decision for Adam.

Martus (to bear witness)

A screenplay of the book of Acts in modern times. Picture the events of the early church without knowing your reading scripture.


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