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Bartelbay and the Bubblegum Sword

In a tiny village not so far away, their lived a young knight named Bartelbay. He was the youngest of three much older brothers, his father was great and he had no mother. His oldest brother was a logger who had a great axe. His middle brother was a hunter and carried a bow a a quiver of arrows. And his father was a great knight who swung a broad sword.

But Bartelby was not like the others. He didn’t have a shiny axe or arrows or a sword like his father, he only had… a bublegum sword. Yes, a bubblegum sword- made from a bubblegum tree of course.

But everytime Bartelby would try and use his sword it just wouldn’t work. He would try and cut a piece of cheese. But it would roll off the table. He would try and slice watermelon, but he couldn’t even cut through. At Christmas, he even tried to cut down a tree likle his brother, but his bubblegum sword just wouldn’t work. Bartelby was sad. He would never be a great knight like his father or brothers if he only had a bubblegum sword.

One day as he and his brothers were working on the farm, they heard a giant thump. Then another thump and another. Something was moving in the trees- something big. They called for their father and friends from the town. Everyone came with their swords and axes and bows to see what was coming through the trees.

Then all of the sudden, the biggest foot came stomping through the ltrees. Followed by the most massive leg, then a hand and arm the size of a boat then chest and the neck and the ugliest head that they’d ever seen. It was a giant!

The townspeople ran as far as they could for hither and thither and right that they should. Cause the size of the giant was as tall as the sky and the scary thing was that he had but one eye. Only Bartelbay and his brothers and his father stood fast and went toe to toe with that giant alas.

Father went first with his broad sword a’swinging, but the giant brushed him away and left his bell ringin’ The oldest brother went next with his great axe in hand, but the giant just kicked him over to the next land. The middle brother came shooting a fleet full of arrows but the giant sent him flying into a nest full of sparrows.

With everyone gone Bartelbay was just left. The giant walked forward as he puffed out his chest. “What’s that you have- a bubblegum sword? Are trying to fight me or throw a party my lord.” The giant just laughed as Bartlebay coward. Then he had a quick thought, and felt quite empowered. He started to chew up every bit of sword from hilt to tip, all he could afford. To chew in his cheeks as the giant walked towards him. He chewed it all up then started to blow the biggest bubblegum bubble that he’d ever known. And just as the giant reached down to grab him the bubble burst and stuck all over the giants face.

He couldn’t see Bartelbay or anything. and he stumbled and funmbled and bubmbled and fumbled till his giant tow caught a root and sent him staright over. Crashing down on his head and the giant was dead.

The townspeople cheered and Bartelbay’s brothers came near as he stood on the back of the giant. His father walked over with his braod sword in hand and gave it to Batrtelbay as he jumped down off of the giant. “No thank you father,” Bartelbay said, I’d rather have a bubblegum sword if it’s okay with you.”

The End


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