Nicholas R. Wimmer

Two feet in

I recently heard a lady speak about the healing journey she’s had over the past three years from physical, spiritual and sexual abuse. Her marriage came to near end many times and her heart was wounded and closed off. She got together with a few other women from her church and as they shared about their past experiences and uncovered things that had been hidden for many years, she began to feel her heart open up again to the Lord. She prayed a simple but dangerous prayer: God have your way with me. Bring those things that were once hidden into the light of your truth.

She said that her husband and her were now “two feet in” to each others hearts- beautiful. It made me think about some of the relationships I have as father, friend, brother, son and most importantly- husband. Where do I stand, where’s my commitment of time, effort, intention? Do I dance around these relationships because of busyness, selfishness or self-protection? Or am I “two feet in”, fully investing myself into the people that matter the most?


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2 thoughts on “Two feet in

  1. markmathis on said:

    That’s good, brother. two feet.

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